Off We Go

I haven’t had much time to play games recently. This means it’s the perfect time for me to start up a gaming blog. No, hang on, I’ll start again.

Games have had a major presence in my life over the years: from watching my dad play Doom and mucking around with his old BBC Micro and Acorn Atom, to being the snobbish, self-serious strategy/roguelike fan I am today, games have taken up a lot of my time, much more than music or television. Thus, I could talk your head off about the intricacies of the plot of some obscure game that came out when I was two, but I probably haven’t seen that TV series you thought was a compulsory part of a ’90s childhood.

Most games – most good games – require your active attention, so these days it’s harder for me to find the time to sit down and play through the pile of unplayed games I’ve accumulated. This blog is an experiment in getting myself to a) play the damn things, and b) start writing again.

Most of the games I’ll be playing are quite old, but most of them are also off the beaten path a bit, so hopefully this will be interesting to someone.

First off, I’ll be looking at Perimeter, a science fiction strategy title from 2004. I have played this one before, but it’s been a while and it seemed as good a starting game as any. It’ll possibly involve talking about map terrain, puzzle maps in strategy campaigns, having to work out unit ratios at the same time as your buildings are on fire, plots with gaping chasms in them, voice prompts that never shut up, and unhelpful tooltips/manuals. After that we’ll miss being vaguely topical by a couple of months, and play Theocracy (2000) to help the tribes of Central America prevent armageddon.